Virtual Spokes Model for your Website..

Virtual Spokes Models are the new technology popping up on the internet. It is doubtful that you have not run into an example of the technology at one time or another in your internet surfing. And if you have been paying attention you have probably noticed a vast range of quality associated with those videos.

Why the vast difference in quality? Simple. Although the concept is relatively simple for tech savvy people the execution of that technology is anything but. You can produce a video spokes model overlay for you website with a $300 dollar camera purchased at Best Buy and edit it on $69 software after shooting it in your basement on a green sheet stolen from your brothers bed, but unfortunately that is Exactly what it is going to look like, and is that the image you want for your website?

So, if you are looking at a high end solution to make your website stand out, keep reading and see why HDV and experience are the solution to your video needs.

Why use Spokes Model?

Increase Sales
Reinforce Brand Awareness
Cool Factor,

and because you don't want to be the only kid on the block without one!

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A professionally produced presentation gives your website an edge over your competitors

because it adds a wow factor when the customer first lands on your page. If you visit 10 websites looking for blank dvd's and one of them has a professional spokes model introducing the site and explaining the difference in media, who's site do you think they will remember?

But it is very important that people remember the offer and NOT the technology. It should be a seamless integration into your site and flow with the design. That is why those one inch full body shots walking out from behind a logo are so ridiculous, they are technology for the sake of technology, and add nothing to the site. Your scripts should have the flow of the text on your site and reinforce what you are already presenting. It also adds a very important element that almost all websites on the internet are missing, a touch of humanity.

People are used to television commercials and interactivity in their video. Bringing a LIVE person on your website just adds that extra touch that will make you stand out, BUT only if done correctly, There can be no compromise to Quality.